53% of young people have never considered an apprenticeship

Published 20th November 2017 by Marketing Department

  • Investors in People research shows perceptions of apprenticeships remain poor
  • 37% of parents wouldn’t encourage their children to pursue an apprenticeship
  • For 58% of young people, pay is the most important factor in deciding whether to pursue an apprenticeship


Investors in People’s ‘2017 Apprenticeship Perception Poll’ provides insight into the core opinions held by the British public towards apprenticeships. Surveying 1000 young people and 1000 parents, the statistics reveal that there are several simple steps that could be taken to erase some of the misconceptions around apprenticeships and boost the profile of the model to reflect the fact that it is equally as viable in terms of crafting a career path as university.


IIP’s survey found that 53% of the young people responding had never considered the apprenticeship route and furthermore, 37% of parents wouldn’t encourage their child to pursue an apprenticeship. This shows that, regardless of generation, the profile and perception of apprenticeships does not yet reflect the potential they have to tackle many labour market issues; specifically skills gaps.


These findings come as research by City and Guilds revealed that 87% of employers have problems recruiting people to meet business needs, with apprenticeships being the most challenging job level to fill. This is an important starting point as it indicates that UK productivity is being damaged by the inability of businesses to recruit credible and qualified people to certain roles. With the apprenticeship levy introduced in April 2017 and government’s stretching target of over three million apprenticeship starts in England by 2020, these statistics are a concern.


The survey also revealed that 42% of young people are not confident in their ability to choose an employer who offers great quality apprenticeships. This is a revealing statistic, as it contextualises that for those 47% of young people who do consider the apprenticeship route, nearly half of them don’t feel confident about their place in the process they’re about to embark on.


With 52% of parents surveyed describing their understanding of an apprenticeship as predominantly being a career route for people who want to work in the trades, Investors in People research concludes that employers should do more to not only raise awareness of the apprenticeship route, but also to ensure they are working in their local areas to promote the apprenticeship opportunities that are available.


Of these findings, Investors in People CEO Paul Devoy said “There is much work to be done in communicating the benefits that following an apprenticeship scheme can produce. Events like the upcoming Skills Show this week are important in raising awareness of how we can improve and standardise the quality of apprenticeships. However, beyond this, it is both the responsibility of government and individual employers working in their local areas to promote the opportunities that are available for school leavers, and those looking to re-skill. The findings of IIP’s poll emphasise that perceptions must change if apprenticeships can truly be the missing link in solving Britain’s productivity puzzle.”





The Investors in People 2017 Apprenticeship Perception Poll

Investors in People collated views of young people and parents on apprenticeships, the information available to them and their ability to make informed choices.

A poll of 1000 young people in the UK aged 16 – 23 was launched on 20 February 2017 and closed on 1 March 2017. A poll of 1000 parents of children aged 12 – 23 years old was launched on 20 February and closed on 24 February 2017. Data was captured via an online survey carried out by research organisation One Poll.

For more information about this survey, or to access additional data sources and press information, please contact press@investorsinpeople.com or call 0300 303 3033.


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