Accidental Managers Webinar - 02/10/18

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Unlocking the potential of your people managers

There’s an old phrase that people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses. With statistics showing that 68% of managers identify themselves as ‘accidental managers’ and 71% of employers saying they don’t train first-time managers, this feels more relevant than ever. Employee disengagement costs the UK economy £340 billion annually, bad leadership is eroding productivity. 

With over 40 years combined HR and People Leadership experience, Investors in People CEO Paul Devoy and Clear Review’s performance management tech Founder Stuart Hearn explore the principles and practicalities of building a more effective and confident management population. We’ll also get insight from HR leaders and ‘real-life managers’ who have made the shift to a more engaged model of people management. 

This webinar will explore: 

• Understanding the line between manager effort and employee ownership 

• How personality and relational dynamics can be blockers to a transparent and trusted leadership 

• Flexible organisational structures designed to utilise the skills of your people while supporting overall productivity 

• How to create new processes, systems and language which reward a different kind of behaviour 

We’ll be running polls to give you immediate peer benchmarking as well as running a healthy Q&A session at the end to ensure we get to the key questions which matter to you