Accreditation :

Complete at your own pace –

  1. Submit your evidence via our web portal.
  2. Telephone interviews will be conducted.
  3. Insights and recommendations are given.
  4. Your accreditation will be valid for one year.

The one year accreditation is available only to smaller organisations –

Get there one step at a time…

To be number one in your field, you need talented people who love what they do. People who are able to use and develop their skills, who understand that they are contributing to something successful, and who feel valued and appreciated as a result.

You already know that you want to strengthen your people management, and yet there are never enough hours in the day. You want a straightforward plan, something you can build on at your own pace, one step at a time.

  • Today’s businesses need to be flexible, responsive to challenges and environments that can change in the blink of an eye. Our annual assessment enables you to see what’s important for your team and act fast.
  • Using our tried-and-tested framework in an affordable way to suit your organisation, with or without a dedicated HR function. Gather evidence of good practice and make key improvements at your own pace.
  • We will assess your strengths, talking them through with people at times that are convenient, and support you with expert and actionable insights going forward.
  • By achieving Investors In People accreditation, you will gain the recognition you deserve as a progressive business and outstanding employer.

iRed is one of the first companies to achieve an Investors in People one-year accreditation. A few years ago, the infrared camera specialists had explored a number of people management approaches, but at that point the potential time and costs involved seemed prohibitive.

By 2018, we had 15 staff. We wanted to keep improving and start embedding some stronger management and HR policies. The new one-year accreditation from Investors In People seemed like the perfect fit for us for a number of reasons.

“We didn’t know where we were at in comparison with other companies of a similar size and nature, so this has helped us to benchmark ourselves. It’s like having a third-party audit, and it’s a good measure of how we are looking after our staff.

“It gave us confidence in the direction we were taking, and it was an eye-opener in terms of the range and scope of policies we could explore in order to help us achieve the things we wanted.

“The one-year accreditation was affordable for us as a small business, and flexible too. The telephone interviews with members of the team were friendly and relaxed. Even though as a small company we share HR responsibilities, we have never felt under any pressure and can keep things moving at a pace that suits us.

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