Artificial Intelligence at Work: Attitudes & Perceptions

Published 23rd July 2018 by Marketing Department

For the first time, Investors in People (IIP) set out to pinpoint the attitudes of workers up and down the UK on the potential of Artificial Intelligence to change the way they work. The results were revealing and suggest a current of concern running across elements of the workforce around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its likely impacts on jobs.

We sought to capture how different sectors, ages and regions might reveal unique insights into employee sentiment toward AI. What we found was unsurprising; there is a general
uneasiness around the potential of AI to disrupt existing jobs. This is compounded by a lack of communication between employers and employees when it comes to keeping staff updated with the introduction of new technology. The gender trends show that although men are more likely to feel that AI is a threat to their job, they are more confident than women in the probability that they would be retrained by an employer if their role was disrupted by technology.






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