IIP Awards Winner 21 – Overseas Employer of the Year (Accredited): Costas Papaellinas Organization

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IIP Awards Winner 21 – Overseas Employer of the Year (Accredited): Costas Papaellinas Organization

Investors in People is an international organisation, and our international partners deserve praise for putting their people first, too. 

That’s why we give out an Overseas Employer of the Year award, and Costas Papaellinas Organization were the winner this year. We caught up with them to ask how the award will impact their business moving forward.

Why do you think you won the award, and how did you exceed the judges’ expectations?

It is an honour and privilege for our organisation to win the award, especially when recognised among many worthy companies worldwide. The award is an indication of teamwork, commitment and dedication.

Also, through the sense of belonging, the transparency with our people and equality within our organisation, we believe that we exceeded the judges’ expectations. 

Our people are the heart of our organisation, and this accreditation is the result of the continuous support, engagement and development of our people.

The winning moment. Where were you? Who was there? What was the reaction?

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic restrictions, our people watched the event online in the office or from home. They were informed in advance of the event, and they were excited about the winners’ announcements.

It was a fantastic event with amazing entertainment. The winning moment was a standout moment, and all of us were so thrilled and excited to see our efforts and hard work be recognised and rewarded by such a respectful organisation.

How do you and your people feel about winning the award?

All of our people are enthusiastic and very proud about winning the award. This award belongs to our fantastic people where we recognise that without them, we cannot deliver success to our business. Our commitment is to continue providing a great place to work, a healthy work-life balance and opportunities to grow within the organisation.

It’s the second time that our people received a similar award and this is a recognition that our organisation is a great company to work. It reinforces our passion to keep offering the best to our people.

Who would you like to thank?

First of all, we would like to thank all of our amazing people since the success of our Organization belongs to them. Also, many thanks to the judging panel at the Awards and Investors in People team, who provided us with an essential framework to improve our people’s engagement. 

With the knowledge and guidance of IIP, we are confident that we will continue to offer a great place to work with engaged people. 

What impact will winning this award have on your organisation?

We are truly honoured to be recognised with this prestigious award by Investors in People, especially during a challenging period due to the global pandemic. 

This award is a great recognition of our continuous efforts to provide a work environment where our people feel secure despite all the challenges and difficulties that we have experienced. It gives a strong motivation and boosts confidence to our people to do their best for colleagues, clients and the community. 

Also, this recognition has inspired us to continue our exciting journey to keep our people motivated and engaged and find new ways to foster a positive work environment where our people deliver exceptional services through our values, vision and mission.

If you could pass your secrets to success onto future entrants in your category, what would they be?

Our secret to success is our people, and we recognise that’s a fundamental factor for our success. We believe that an organisation cannot move forward without its people, and investing in people is a continuous improvement and a success recipe. 

The positive culture of our organisation, the continuous care for our people, and fairness and equality are key factors in creating a great workplace. This achievement demonstrates our passion and commitment to make work better for everyone in our organisation.

How can you become the best organisation you can be? 

Most of our winners are Investors in People Accredited, which means they hold one of our prestigious accreditations; which will be in wellbeingpeople management or apprentices

Their commitment to continuous improvement ensures they’re always improving work for their people and have a better chance of winning one of our awards. 

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