Resources to help you understand and improve your people and performance management


Employee satisfaction: happiness at work v happiness through work
30th January 2019
Generational Working: the hidden positive benefits
24th January 2019
Clear purpose: the two factors you need to attract millenials
16th January 2019
Leaders: what to do when you change your mind
10th January 2019
Trust at work: 5 critically important facts to help you earn and ma...
03rd January 2019
Employee satisfaction: 6 evidence-based findings you should act on now
19th December 2018
6 key qualities for success in a VUCA world
12th December 2018
Flat hierarchies: do you understand the pros and cons?
05th December 2018
Five ways to reduce the commuting burden on your employees
28th November 2018
5 hidden productivity killers organisations should fear
14th November 2018
Stability and security: the base layer of your financial wellbeing ...
07th November 2018
The signs of disengagement: what managers should look for
31st October 2018
Employee sentiment: how do you get an honest overview?
24th October 2018
The Power of Wellbeing: how investing in staff delivers dividends
17th October 2018
5 ways you’re discriminating on age – and not realising it
10th October 2018
3 simple steps to evolving a holistic wellbeing culture at work
09th October 2018
Employee retention: 5 situations when it’s a bad idea
03rd October 2018
Seven modern mistakes when writing job descriptions
26th September 2018
Why employers must reclaim the PIP as a tool for good
19th September 2018
Impostor syndrome: what should employers be doing?
12th September 2018
Job shares: how can HR ensure they run smoothly?
05th September 2018
Mental wellbeing: how to stop bringing stress home
29th August 2018
Why managers must support HR to develop staff
22nd August 2018
Headspace: should it be every leader’s KPI?
15th August 2018
Meeting overload: how to reset the balance
07th August 2018
Mentoring schemes: how HR can set them up for success
01st August 2018
Feedback cultures: 7 mistakes employers make
25th July 2018
Difficult conversations at work: 5 ways to take control
19th July 2018
From notice to last day: what to do when employees quit
18th July 2018
Onboarding v induction: here’s what HR needs to know
27th June 2018
10 tips for successful succession planning
22nd June 2018
7 ways to help new hires feel welcome
20th June 2018
Mental wellbeing: how HR can help staff manage change
16th June 2018
Giving praise: a useful framework managers can follow
13th June 2018
Physical quotient: are your skills lacking?
06th June 2018
10 classic leadership books it’s time you read
30th May 2018
Five ways HR can unite with other functions
23rd May 2018
Investors in People first Managing Mental Health report shows 80% o...
14th May 2018
What do young people really think about apprenticeships?
11th May 2018
Line managers: 5 ways to build trust with individuals
09th May 2018
Line managers: 5 ways to build trust with teams
02nd May 2018
What should small companies cover in all-hands meetings?
25th April 2018
HR and blockchain: what does HR need to know?
18th April 2018
What does a no blame culture actually look like?
16th April 2018
Employee recognition schemes: top tips for success
04th April 2018
Workplace collaboration tools: 5 pitfalls to avoid
28th March 2018
Creativity in the workplace: 7 surprising truths
21st March 2018
Gender at work: moving from diversity to inclusion
14th March 2018
Investors in People recognised as top B2B Superbrand
12th March 2018
Employee recognition awards & ideas for the 21st century
22nd February 2018
SWOT analysis of people: understand yourself and others
24th January 2018
“Feeling valued:” the dimensions organisations must del...
10th January 2018
Six things you need to know about measuring people management
10th November 2017
Overcome the challenges of an employee survey
09th November 2017
Stress at work: five core sources and how HR can help
08th November 2017
Employee voice: why is it important to sustainable success?
31st October 2017
6 questions to help line managers get feedback
25th October 2017
Employee voice: how does it impact the culture?
11th October 2017
Employee voice: 6 ways employers can activate it
04th October 2017
Difficult conversations at work: 5 ways to take control
13th September 2017
9 signs an employee may be about to jump ship
30th August 2017
Virtual teams: 5 ways to ensure communication works well
23rd August 2017
Transformational leadership: what is it?
04th August 2017
Servant leadership: what is it?
26th July 2017
Millennials at work: what does research really say?
19th July 2017
11 time management techniques to share with employees
13th July 2017
Energy management at work: 6 ways employees can take action
12th July 2017
Flexible working theory: what drawbacks should employers be aware of?
07th July 2017
Line manager skills: the 5 most important and effective
05th July 2017
Line manager qualities: the 5 most important and why
29th June 2017
Line manager support: 6 things you wish they’d told you earlier
21st June 2017
Resilience at work: how to give introverts what they need
20th June 2017
Mental wellbeing: building the business case for a ‘fun offic...
07th June 2017
Presenteeism UK: what’s driving the growing crisis?
23rd May 2017
Presenteeism meaning: a comprehensive definition for HR
16th May 2017
Employee engagement factors: never forget the law of diminishing re...
03rd May 2017
Employee engagement factors: the importance of sharing information
02nd May 2017
Mental health at work: should I tell my employer?
20th April 2017
Active followership: how to be a better follower at work
12th April 2017
Commercial awareness: the skill all graduates must show
11th April 2017
SMART objectives: turn goals SMARTER for greater benefit
06th April 2017
Knowledge management: why tacit knowledge is dangerous
05th April 2017
Organisational values must reflect reality, not aspirations –...
29th March 2017
Continuous improvement models: four great options for you
28th March 2017
Leadership skills: the two types of trust and why you need both
22nd March 2017
Why is staff training important? It’s essential. Here’s...
15th March 2017
Performance management appraisals: alternatives for the 21st century
08th March 2017
Job crafting: five ways staff can better design their own jobs
08th March 2017
Benefits for part-time workers: should they be different?
07th March 2017
Performance improvement plans are last resorts. What’s first?
28th February 2017
What is a mentor? All you think a mentor is, and a lot more
21st February 2017
Diversity in the workplace: it means more than you think
14th February 2017
Employee development plan – everything you need to know
09th February 2017
Personal development plan – your total guide to making them work
01st February 2017
Management standards definition: find out exactly what they are
25th January 2017
Employee engagement activities: three key ideas to start with
17th January 2017
Blue Monday 2017: a useful date for organisations?
16th January 2017
Organisational culture change: role models and their role
10th January 2017
Every Manager is a Leader. Become a Role Model.
23rd December 2016
3 Steps to Make Your Objectives SMART
23rd December 2016
4 talent management questions you need to ask
01st December 2016
5 key differences between small and large organisations
30th November 2016
Recognising and Rewarding High Performance
16th November 2016
15 Ideas for Improving Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing
08th November 2016
Does your Manager Really Care? Here’s Six Signs They Do
04th November 2016
Peer to Peer Recognition: 10 Tips for a Winning Reward Strategy
03rd November 2016
Setting expectations: Skills, Behaviours and Knowledge.
06th October 2016
Understanding Strategic Alignment [5 minutes]
28th September 2016
Adopt a Culture of Continuous Improvement.
28th September 2016
6 Traits of a Successful Change Agent
11th February 2016
5 steps to recruiting talent
12th January 2015
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