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Putting people first is key to winning the war for next generation ...
08th October 2018
Artificial Intelligence at Work: Attitudes & Perceptions
23rd July 2018
Difficult conversations at work: 5 ways to take control
19th July 2018
6 phrases that managers need to use more often
19th July 2018
From notice to last day: what to do when employees quit
18th July 2018
Physical quotient: are your skills lacking?
06th June 2018
Line managers: 5 ways to build trust with individuals
09th May 2018
Line managers: 5 ways to build trust with teams
02nd May 2018
What should small companies cover in all-hands meetings?
25th April 2018
HR and blockchain: what does HR need to know?
18th April 2018
What does a no blame culture actually look like?
16th April 2018
Workplace collaboration tools: 5 pitfalls to avoid
28th March 2018
Creativity in the workplace: 7 surprising truths
21st March 2018
Perceptions of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace 2018
18th March 2018
Employee recognition awards & ideas for the 21st century
22nd February 2018
Job Exodus 2018
01st January 2018
Hello world!
16th November 2017
Employee voice: the role of line managers
27th September 2017
11 time management techniques to share with employees
13th July 2017
Energy management at work: 6 ways employees can take action
12th July 2017
Flexible working practices: how HR can help managers get results
07th July 2017
Line manager skills: the 5 most important and effective
05th July 2017
Line manager qualities: the 5 most important and why
29th June 2017
Feedback at work: how HR can help managers drive action
14th June 2017
Employee engagement factors: the line manager comes first
24th May 2017
Organisational values must reflect reality, not aspirations –...
29th March 2017
Continuous improvement models: four great options for you
28th March 2017
Employee development plan – everything you need to know
09th February 2017
Every Manager is a Leader. Become a Role Model.
23rd December 2016
3 Steps to Make Your Objectives SMART
23rd December 2016
4 talent management questions you need to ask
01st December 2016
5 key differences between small and large organisations
30th November 2016
15 Ideas for Improving Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing
08th November 2016
Does your Manager Really Care? Here’s Six Signs They Do
04th November 2016
Setting expectations: Skills, Behaviours and Knowledge.
06th October 2016
6 Traits of a Successful Change Agent
11th February 2016
Managing Change: 22 key themes for leaders
05th December 2013
There are many key line manager skills, but if you had to rank them by importance, how would you do it? We reckon t…
It's estimated 70% of people will experience impostor syndrome at some point. But what is it, why should organisati…
Five examples of age discrimination at work that you might not be aware of (and therefore may be displaying on a re…
Big congratulations @catsurveys! Welcome to the community #WeAreIIP #ItTakesATeam
Although #WorldMentalHealthDay was yesterday, business leaders shouldn't wait another year before thinking about th…
Employee retention: a typical KPI in many #HR departments. But aren't there situations when retention is a bad idea…
Congratulations @legalisland! It takes dedication to maintain Gold! #WeAreIIP #ItTakesATeam #ShareToInspire
Congratulations @Edgeps_, welcome to the Investors in People Community! #WeAreIIP #ItTakesATeam #ShareToInspire
Creating a mental wellbeing strategy for your people can be daunting. So we've broken down the process into three s…

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