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Corecom Consulting & Investors in People: Our story

Corecom Consulting is a Yorkshire-based recruitment consultancy specialising in contract and permanent IT recruitment across the Yorkshire region and Netherlands. We offer an honest, high quality and consultative approach to recruitment. We are driven by relationships, results, and customer service and have a history of strong, shared values and a positive, inclusive culture.

We pride ourselves on best practice processes and systems that allow us to partner with the best IT talent and employers. We host monthly award-winning networking events designed to add real, demonstrable value across the full IT spectrum.

Jonathan Sanderson, Managing Director, had a vision that was always about Corecom being an organisation that prides itself on an ethos of respect: respect for each other’s differences and the role we all have to play in our joint success. 

Investors in People (IIP) have helped Corecom achieve recognition for our people and well-being initiatives by awarding us with Platinum status, which has also helped us identify areas where we can improve and develop our long-term plan for success.

Nostalgia: Using IIP to set themselves apart from the competition

Corecom first engaged with IIP in 2019 when we put Managing Director Jonathan Sanderson forward for the ‘Leader of the Year’ award. We were delighted that he was selected as a finalist. 

We knew that IIP was a trusted organisation that provided accreditation against a thorough and refined framework. Therefore winning one of their awards would help us achieve our ambition to become a respected and quality business.

As we’ve grown and the market has become more competitive, we realised we needed to set ourselves apart from the competition. We believe in our values, leadership, and support structures; we, therefore, decided to go for the ‘We Invest in People’ accreditation. After many meetings, interviews and evidence given, we were awarded Platinum status:

This IIP Platinum Award reflects a thorough and robust approach to the people agenda of the business, and how it clearly demonstrates how this has a positive impact on the workforce performance”. – Andrew Walsh, Investors in People

This was truly a standout moment for us and one of our proudest achievements to date.

Appreciation: IIP sets Corecom up for internal success

The IIP accreditation process not only highlights what you do well as a business and leadership team, but it also uncovers areas for improvement and personalised recommendations, which can contribute to the future development of the business. 

Having an external insight is always appreciated as it pinpoints areas that may be overlooked or not recognised by those in the day to day running.

Andrew Walsh, Human Resources Specialist, ensured that the process was clear and ran smoothly with constant communication and was always on hand to help.

Corecom’s Marketing Executive, Kelly Newton, went above and beyond. Kelly organised meetings between Andrew and the leadership team, set up the employees’ internal interviews, and gathered evidence for the accreditation.

She conducted staff surveys, collected metrics, and reported the results. Kelly has demonstrated sheer commitment to the business, showing her adherence to the IIP framework, especially: ‘living the organisation’s values and behaviours’ and ‘empowering and involving people’.

“It was great to be so involved in the Investors in People application. To be trusted by my Managing Director, Jonathan Sanderson, to take the lead gave me a massive boost to my confidence in my abilities and gave me an opportunity to show what I can do. To then be awarded platinum at the end of it all was amazing.” – Kelly Newton, Marketing Executive.

Relevancy: IIP helps Corecom attract top talent

IIP continues to be relevant, especially in 2021 as we start to come out of the COVID pandemic, where many businesses have needed to alter their business strategy to deal with changes in the market and ways of working.

Businesses more than ever need to show their commitment to their employee’s wellbeing, especially now hybrid working has become the norm and interaction between employees and their employer may not be as regular or easy. 

Fortunately, we have been recognised as an employer who supports their employees and has processes in place to reward and recognise them, which has helped with our internal recruitment strategies. It has allowed us to attract the top talent in the market over our competitors, and we can encourage them to grow and progress in their careers.

Continuing with IIP’s accreditations is a definite for Corecom, as they will continue to help us achieve our goal of growth and of being an employer of choice.

Ambition: Constant improvement and Platinum maintenance

As Corecom has grown, and overcome obstacles such as the pandemic, we have become more ambitious with bigger goals. IIP has helped us achieve some of these goals by recognising our training and development programmes, employee well-being strategies, and leadership styles. IIP will continue to help us accomplish our ambitions by guiding us to improve year on year and maintain our Platinum status.

Corecom would like to see IIP providing networking opportunities for those awarded Platinum status, like us. This would allow us to meet other like-minded businesses that put their employees first and build mutually beneficial relationships.

We would like to thank Investors in People for giving us the opportunity to be awarded Platinum status and share our story. Hopefully, we can continue to be part of their top tier companies.

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