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Companies House & Investors in People: Our story

Companies House is very excited about the future. We have an ambitious Transformation programme which our confident and highly skilled people will lead to deliver the biggest change to our organisation since 1844. 

We are extremely passionate about our culture and put people at the heart of everything we do. Receiving the IiP Platinum accreditation is such an essential part of our long-term plans to achieve that success. 

Culture is our strategy, and while technology will change, this is not a digital transformation but a people one.

The stand out moment in our journey

Receiving IiP Platinum status in September 2020 was a standout moment. The country remained in lockdown, and colleagues had worked tirelessly through the pandemic, which truly tested what we had. 

We are all immensely proud of this milestone which came at a critical time when the organisation needed to pivot but continue to provide transparent data. 

Success rested on our infrastructure and aspiring for Companies House to be the best it can be. Colleagues stepped up and broadened capabilities in ways that exceeded expectations and showed the high levels of integrity placed on living our values. 

Through creative thinking, adaptable behaviour, bold ideas, and curious questioning, they enabled the business to push forward, adapt, and for our data to be accessed more than 6 billion times within the last year, driving confidence into the UK economy.

IIP giving Companies House the foundations for success

Working with IiP for 22 years has given us an essential framework to build upon as we worked towards our Platinum status. 

Accreditation has given recognition and assurance that our people truly know that they are at the heart of everything we do, but it also inspired and motivated the hard work which lies ahead. 

New colleagues joining Companies House can feel assured in our commitment to working in partnership to create a safe and positive environment. In return, all colleagues bring their whole selves to work, drive our high performance and flourish.

Working with IIP to recognise and establish our identity

Working with IiP has been an essential part of recognising and establishing an identity in which we can evidence that our people are the unique force that binds us together and sets us apart from other organisations. 

We cherish the very best of our long-standing culture balanced with new ways of working and expect our people not just to embrace the change but to be the change.

Embracing change with colleague led networks

A colleague led change movement has established its position as the true experts who take accountability, challenge with confidence, have the freedom to try new things and be supported through inevitable failures along the way.

Acting on ideas and supporting the delivery of passion projects has been the basis on which our 23 colleagues led Networks evolved. These networks support, educate and drive change. 

With over 40% colleague participation, this inclusive, trusting environment enables people voice, engagement, connection, and influence in the things that matter. 10 networks are dedicated to diversity, with FACE (Faith, Allyship, Culture & Ethnicity) and Working Families Network created in last 12 months.

Positive people survey results 

Our People Survey results support this outlook, with 86% of colleagues feeling that Companies House is inclusive and fair and 91% understanding our objectives and purpose. 

IiP will continue to play a significant part in our continued development. We will work in our professions and lend capability within the organisation and government to harness new skills and shared knowledge. 

Our culture will continue to thrive. We will future proof our positive environment and organisation as one of openness and trust in which colleagues will succeed professionally and personally.

From our organisation to yours, Happy 30th Birthday Investors in People! We look forward to many more years of collaboration to make great things happen.

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