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Harrison Spinks & Investors in People: Our Story

Harrison Spinks is a luxury, family-run bedmaker that represents the best in British manufacturing. Employing over 700 people, our skilled staff and sustainable ethos sit at the core of the business, and it’s for this very reason that we’re so thrilled about our Investors in People accreditation.

Our people make the difference between a good, performing company and a worldwide leading company, so we always put them first, and this accreditation is thanks to them. It’s for that reason that we’ve just awarded all our employees with additional paid holidays from October!

A positive work environment is vital for us so that everyone – whether a new starter or long-serving member of staff – can be proud to work for us from the offset. We want our people to have a voice, be engaged and learn about the culture of our business to live and breathe our values.

Getting an objective perspective on their people and talent strategy

Getting the Investors in People accreditation meant that the efforts around supporting people that have been at the root of our HR plan were recognised, and everyone within the business is working together to make Harrison Spinks a better place to work.

We joined Investors in People because we had developed a new People & Talent strategy and wanted an objective perspective of our efforts. We felt that Investors in People would give us a good and fair assessment and provide valuable insights to improve employee engagement, and help create an action plan for the future.

We’re incredibly proud to have had our work officially recognised! The business didn’t have a Human Resources function until 2018, and it has been a mammoth task to get this far, so we are excited to continue our people journey. The main board and the whole HR team have been instrumental in getting this far, and all our employees have been involved at some stage. Without their continued support and cooperation, we wouldn’t have made these achievements.

Investors in People helping Harrison Spinks to give employees a voice

Moving forward, we’ll be carrying out employee surveys with key customers, and we’ll have an Employee Consultative forum that meets regularly too. This gives the workforce a voice to suggest improvements and share their ideas so we can listen to them and take action. We’ve also invited a team of individuals across the business to provide valuable insights to ensure Harrison Spinks remains a great place to work.

Building real relationships with our employees and becoming a trusted employer are objectives we’re proud to be taking on and ones we’re committed to meeting, and we’d like to thank Investors in People for supporting us in our journey. 

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