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Rendell & Rittner & Investors in People: Our story

Rendall & Rittner is a market-leading managing agent with a growing residential portfolio that currently features 80,000 units across the country. 

Employing 500 members of Head Office staff and 1,500 on-site staff, investing in people is essential for our success as we have taken a people-centred approach to property management. Being accredited by Investors in People provides us with external confirmation that we are achieving this goal.

Developing people management practices with IIP since 2006

After first achieving Investors in People accreditation in 2006, we have continued to develop our people management practices to pursue excellence. In 2018, we were delighted to receive our first Platinum standard and are thrilled to have matched this achievement more recently in 2021.  

At Rendall & Rittner, we aim to continuously improve and work towards our goals of being a lead employer in the industry, offering value-added services and delivering high levels of customer care to residents across our developments.

IIP helps Rendell & Rittner show true dedication to their employees

Going through the IIP accreditation process is an incredibly valuable experience for our company as it helps us demonstrate that we invest in all of our employees. Our Assessor, Andy Moreland, is excellent at challenging our thinking, which helps us see how we might improve how we do things. 

Andy has been supportive throughout our past two ‘We Invest in People’ accreditations. We are excited to be working with him on the ‘We Invest in Wellbeing’ programme as we strive to enhance our well-being strategies and activities to further develop and support our employees.

IIP will always be relevant when attracting customers and talent

The work of Investors in People will always be relevant to Rendall & Rittner because we are continuously striving to enhance and develop our people practices. To be the best that we can be, we need to recruit, retain and develop the best people in the industry. 

We believe that our platinum accreditation helps Rendall & Rittner attract new talent, as well as new customers and clients. Furthermore, by sharing knowledge and best practices with other organisations, we can learn about new and innovative ways of working that we can then introduce in our practices.

Investors in People has affirmed our ambition of being an employer of choice. Having achieved the Platinum accreditation twice now, we are confident that IIP will continue to support Rendall & Rittner as we build upon our people processes to retain our accreditation in the future. 

IIP Community Circles Programme offers incredible value

We have been involved in the IIP Community Circles Programme, which we want to see continue moving forward. Earlier this year, our HR Director, Catherine Orezzi, was invited to be a guest speaker to discuss how Rendall & Rittner have adapted to agile working and have continued to engage with employees in a virtual world. 

The IIP Community Circles Programme is a great way to get an insight into what other employers are doing to consider how we might incorporate elements into our practices.

Visit our accreditations page and see how Investors in People can help you.

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