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In this talk between Emma Gannon (Writer & Podcaster) and Paul Devoy (CEO – Investors in People) we discuss the problems in the workplace today. 

What makes us truly happy at work, and what people can do to make positive change.

CTRL-ALT-DELETE #232 BONUS: How Do We Make Work Better? (with Investors in People)

Paul Devoy

Investors in People CEO

More on some of the things that we talked about in the show...

Accidental Managers

‘We wouldn’t let untrained doctors loose in a hospital, so why do we allow it with people managers?’

‘How long did you train to be a manager?’ ‘I didn’t get trained at all!’

Stress At Work

‘I spoke to a Dr who told me that 80% of the people who come to him with a mental health issue say it’s because of work’

purpose before profit

Purpose Before Profit

‘There’s 3 things people want from work; a sense of purpose, doing something they’re good at and having autonomy’

‘People need to feel that there is a sense of purpose beyond profit’

Setting Expectations

‘Give people high expectations and high support, then they’ll achieve things they never thought was possible’ 

Work-life Balance

‘How can we have a better balance between the two (work and life)?’ 


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