Department for Education unveils new careers strategy for students

Published 7th December 2017 by Marketing Department


This week Skills Minister Rt Hon Ann Milton MP announced new government plans to support students at schools and colleges across the country. The new Careers Strategy outlines funding and policy plans to ensure that young people have the best understanding of, and access to information concerning their future careers.

At the core of this strategy sits the Careers & Enterprise Company, which will be given a greater role in coordinating links between schools, colleges and local universities. It is intended that this will give students the widest possible scope of information when considering the career paths open to them. Alongside this centralised coordination, every school and college throughout the country will have a dedicated careers leader in place at the beginning of the new school year to provide personalised advice to students who want it.

To address the current ‘postcode lottery’ that exists across the country in terms of the school funding in different areas, the Department for Education has set aside £5 million to establish twenty ‘Careers Hubs’ in the most deprived areas. Last year, disparities in the government’s schools funding programme meant that schools in some areas had been receiving 50% less state funding than those in other areas. This additional funding to deprived areas will ensure that no students miss out on achieving their true potential as a result of funding shortfalls.

An additional £2 million is also to be channelled into pilot schemes for primary schools in disadvantaged areas to allow children to engage with their career prospects from the earliest point. This will encourage them to view their learning as it pertains to the jobs and sectors they learn about through the pilot schemes.Furthermore, the potential to embed understanding of different types of educational models like apprenticeships within these pilots, will evolve the perception of apprenticeships as a viable way for children to achieve their ambitions as they progress through school..

Of the Careers Strategy, Skills Minister Anne Milton said:

“[young people] will continue to be held back if they don’t have the right advice at the right time to make informed decisions about their future, or may not have access to the broader experiences and role models to help them develop as people.”

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People: “I welcome the government’s announcement of a clear and cohesive careers strategy to support young people in their career considerations. From stepping up the role of the Careers and Enterprise Company to focusing investment capital in deprived areas, DfE is displaying a commitment to ensuring that students have every tool at their disposal when carving out the first stage of their careers.”

Paul continued: “However, I agree with the CIPD’s statement which reminds us that the overall success of the policies outlined within the Career Strategy will depend largely on the buy-in from each school. Teachers have been given the resources to help their students thrive and I support any further government work that encourages the development of this imperative within school culturel. In particular, the Department for Education must develop a strategy for obtaining buy-in from school leadership in making careers planning a priority in the face of competing pressures like academic targets and squeezed resources.”


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