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The key to sustainable business growth is talent and culture management. Over the past 27 years, Investors in People has developed a framework currently used by outperforming brands such as Vauxhall Motors, Allianz Insurance, Sony and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets.

Build a culture of growth starting with your people.

Employee engagement

A poorly managed workforce costs the UK economy roughly £340 billion annually.

57% of our clients have significantly improved the way their employees perform at work, by setting clear objectives and expectations, and by rewarding high performance that is closely aligned with strategy.

Talent retention

1 in 5 employees is looking to change jobs due to poor leadership this year.

68% of accredited companies have developed better leaders, directly influencing their retention rates. 

Read in our Job Trends 2018 report about how accidental managers can harm your ability to retain employees. 

Efficiency boost

Small to medium firms are still missing out on roughly £33bn efficiency gains.

Companies that adopt at least 3 best management practices associated with performance could see an increase of 109% in efficiency compared to companies that do not adopt these techniques.

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