How to overcome the 5 biggest challenges of hybrid working

We're joined by Troup Bywaters + Anders Head of HR Claire Oliver, to discuss how they are overcoming the 5 big C's of hybrid working...

Date and Time: 31 May 2022 1:00 pm

Location: Online

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Defined by a recent article on the Harvard Business Review, the 5 biggest challenges of hybrid working are Culture, Connection, Communication, Coordination and Creativity.

Claire Oliver, Head of HR at Troup Bywaters + Anders will be joining our CEO Paul Devoy and expert practitioner Gwen Powell to talk all about overcoming these challenges.

As Winners of the Best Pivot award at The Investors in People Awards 2021, Claire literally has an award winning approach to overcoming these key challenges!

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14th Nov 2023 | Old Billingsgate, London


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