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IIP online functionality release: 051016

Published 4th October 2016 by Grace Connolly

Automated security review for all elevated site users  

We have now introduced functionality which will automate a review of permissions for elevated users every 90 days to verify your account for security purposes. This applies to all users with the following roles:

  • DP admin
  • DP staff
  • Head Office admin

Every 90 days your account will be temporarily disabled. An attempt from you to log in once the account has been disabled will automatically trigger an email sent to your registered address which includes a verification link. To reactivate your account and restore all permissions you just need to click the link within this email.

The following notification message will also be shown when you try to log in. You can resend the verification email here manually if you need this to be resent.

Please check any junk inboxes if you haven’t received the verification email. If you still have any issues, please contact

Any account settings or content you have created will be unaffected - this update only temporarily removes your access.

The reason this functionality has been introduced is to further improve the security of the Investors in People website. It ensures that only the correct users have elevated access and permissions, and that any colleagues who have left the organisation (and therefore no longer have access to their registered IIP email account) are unable to log in to the site.

Please note, this security review does not apply to Practitioners. The management of Practitioner access to client accounts on the IIP website is the responsibility of the relevant Delivery Partner.

This new security review will start on Monday 10/10/16. You will need to reactivate your account as per the above instructions after this date. The review will then happen every 90 days following.

If you have any questions, please get in touch:


New ‘call to action’ buttons for event pages

You can now add a fully responsive page button for any events you create where you need to send a user to an external site (to book tickets or to register interest, etc.). You must now please use this functionality instead of linking to the external site within the page text itself.

When creating your events page, there is now a specific section that allows you to do the following:

  • Add any footer text to appear above the button (optional)
  • Choose the button style (required)
  • Add the ‘call to action’ button text (required)
  • Specify the link you’d like the button to direct to (required)
  • Align the button on the page (optional)

You are encouraged to have a play around with this functionality on our demo site to test how it will look for your events! Feel free to create as many test pages as you like within the demo site – these are all automatically deleted at the end of each day.

Username: quality
Password: cobol

The reason we have created this button is so that the site usability and design is improved for our users. It also allows us to track how many users are clicking on our events, which will help us further tailor the site to improve the overall experience.


Improved image exports for online assessment results

We have now cropped the image that is exported for the online assessment results, to allow these to be more easily added in to assessment reports. We have removed the introduction text for the graphs as well as the blank space that previously appeared at the bottom of each image.


Updates to the paper assessment form

We have created an updated paper form which now includes all demographic questions. For an example of how the new form now looks and details of the updated paper assessment process, please refer to the Assessment Handbook:



  • Fixed a bug that was preventing group data from collating properly
  • Fixed an issue that was causing data to duplicate in online assessment results downloads
  • A fix to ensure the ordering of groups was persistent across the entire online assessment results platform


As always, if you have questions regarding the above functionality please contact We would also love to hear any feedback you may have - a lot of what we are able to deliver is thanks to previous user feedback we've received!