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IIP online functionality release: 201016

Published 19th October 2016 by Grace Connolly

Updated branding for online assessment emails

We have updated the branding and styling of the online assessment emails, hopefully improving the overall experience for participants! You can download an example of the new email design here:

With 'Have your say' branding

Without 'Have your say' branding

We have allowed the ‘Have Your Say’ logo to be toggled on or off, as you may not want to include the logo where you’re sending an email in a language other than English. To turn the 'Have Your Say' logo off, please uncheck the selection box.


If you add an organisation logo to your email, it will now be centred just above the email text.

You are still able to edit and update the text in your emails as you usually would. The new text styles are as follows:


Search for site content based on your user role

As a DP admin, DP staff or Practitioner user, you are now able to use the site search to locate content in the following areas:

  • Assessment handbook
  • Sales channel
  • Marketing channel
  • CRM documentation

This new feature will make finding specific pages/sections a lot easier, as you can just search for keywords in the site search rather than having to search through each chapter separately.


Improved access to lead information

We have created a new view called my leads for DP staff and DP admins, which is accessible from your online account. This will now show you all registered users/leads for your region. It will include the following information for each lead:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date that the lead was created on
  • Lead status
  • Lead referral URL (the page that the lead was on before registering, i.e. an indication of the motivation to register)
  • Organisation
  • Telephone
  • Self-diagnostic report (if completed)

The leads in this view are sorted by their 'created on' date, and you can search by email address or lead status.

You also still have access to a Self-diagnostic reports view that shows you all leads who have completed the online self-diagnostic tool.

The leads within this view are sorted by the date that their self diagnostic report was created. For example, they might be an old/previously disqualified lead, but if they have recently taken the online self-diagnostic they will appear at the top of the list.


General improvements & bug fixes

  • We are now sending emails to our email server earlier so that there are no delays in online assessment email sends
  • VAT Sales invoices are automatically sent to users as a PDF via email upon purchase from our online store
  • Cleaned up the links in the mobile navigation for anonymous users
  • Improved presentation of resources to include meta description of content
  • Fix where heatmaps were downloading without colour
  • Fix where users were unable to archive online assessments
  • Fix to ensure the colours used for group data are persistent across all graphs