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Investors in People online release 040316

Published 2nd March 2016 by Grace Connolly

Formatting the emails sent to participants is now easier

This refers to the 'edit email' and 'edit reminder email' options which are available once you've reached the draft stage of survey set up. It affects the emails that your clients and their employees will receive.

We've simplified the options when editing an email to make the text formatting easier to control. Now you have the option to use three different text styles: header, subtitle and paragraph. As always, you can still change your text to bold or italic as well as being able to add lists, hyperlinks and importantly, the IIP assessment link.


Custom group results are now collated together across all deployment methods

As some of you may have been aware, previously the platform was unable to combine group results from across different deployment methods. This meant that even if two participants were from the same group, their responses would not be recorded together when filtering by group in the results platform if they'd answered using different deployment methods. This has now been rectified, and any group data will be collated irrespective of the deployment method used.

As a result of this change it's now especially important to double check the use of groups in all of your online assessments. Make sure that the group terminology you use is the same across all deployment methods, including spelling and capitalisation.


General bug fixes & improvements

  • Updated privacy policy link on 'register' page
  • Fixed error some users were experiencing when submitting heat maps
  • Resolved issue with some reminder emails sending at incorrect times
  • Updated discrepancy with Indicator 5 results text
  • Removed unnecessary error message appearing on online platform
  • Removed reference to outdated alternative language functionality in 'question set' drop down


You may have noticed we're trialling a new way of communicating our online changes. Instead of sending you heavy emails with lots of information upfront, we're giving short and snappy updates with opportunities to delve deeper in to the detail in your own time.

What do you think of this new approach to communication? Get in touch and let us know!