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Investors in People online release 100616

Published 9th June 2016 by Grace Connolly

Online assessment response rate

We can now offer response rates to all online assessments within the online assessments platform.

Response rate = responses submitted / total employee population

Total employee population is recorded within the CRM, so if you notice any errors with this number, please make the appropriate change to the CRM record.

With this information available, we hope to make the process of determining valid response samples to the online assessment much easier.


Identifying your projects

We have updated the project information that surfaces with the platform when selecting a project. Project information will now appear as follows: Organisation name, Project No., Project Type

Including Project Type and removing legacy items from this project label should make it easier to find the correct CRM projects when setting up online assessments.


Faster CRM to website updates

We have improved the API call which pulls across account and project updates from the CRM to the website, by reducing the call from every six hours to every two hours. This means any account (organisation) or project updates found within the CRM will be pulled across to the website on a two-hourly basis.

Faster access to your accurate organisation and project information will reduce the time spent waiting to set up online assessments.


If you have any questions regarding this release or you would like some further information, please contact us via