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Investors in People online release 210316

Published 18th March 2016 by Alyssa Stringer

An easier approach to the online self-diagnostic tool for more positive results

We recognise that the online self-diagnostic in its current form wasn’t working in the best way possible, providing users with an unlikely chance of passing questions successfully. As a result, we are looking to update the entire journey to provide you with a  lead generation tool which is both encouraging and insightful for its users.

As a short term solution, the current tool has been updated with a new positively weighted answer scale. This now includes a 5 point scale with a higher probability of users passing questions successfully. This aims to make the diagnostic's results more accurate and reassuring for users, whilst still ensuring that it aligns with the Standard.

Please take a look at the new answer scale, via the usual self-diagnostic route, and of course if you have any feedback we’d love to hear it:



The online registration form for new leads is quicker to complete

We’re testing a number of ways to increase lead volume to the IIP website, starting with the registration process.

To make creating an account quick and easy for all new leads, we have now updated the old web registration form. We have removed a number of fields which were causing a barrier for some new users, and instead have created a simplified form which encourages users to sign up whilst still capturing all the key information.

We will be continuing to test the effectiveness of all of the changes we make to the site, so bear in mind we will be fine-tuning the registration process until we get it absolutely right – this new form is just the start.

Open access links can now be customised

You can now tailor an open access link specifically for an organisation and online assessment!

Previously open access links always had a unique code at the end of the link which was automatically generated by the platform, for example:

Now you are able to update the end of the link to create an alias which is more recognisable for your client and their employees. For example:!

You can use anything you would like that is personal to the client, and you can still set up as many open access links as you need.

Please bear in mind, if an alias (chosen URL ending) is being used by any live online assessment it cannot be used by anyone else at the same time. If you try and set up an open access link using an alias that is already active, you will receive a message informing you to choose another word. Much like trying to create a new username on a website!

However, all aliases are wiped once an online assessment has been archived, meaning that they are free to be used again by anyone.

Please note the image above is taken from our stage site, and the custom URL will begin with on the live site.


General bug fixes and improvements

As well as the above features we have worked on above, some small amendments have been made to the platform to further streamline.

  • Adjustments made to ‘number of days left’ field in reminder emails to account for the leap year.
  • All respondent names and email addresses are now completely anonymised once a survey has been archived to protect respondent anonymity.
  • Fixes to an online assessment translation issue.


If you're looking for any further information or have any feedback, please get in touch with the team at

Look out for your next release w/e 1st April!