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Investors in People online release 280616

Published 23rd June 2016 by Grace Connolly

Better quality chart downloads for the online assessment results

We have now improved the resolution of your online assessment result downloads, meaning that the images will be a much better quality and clearer to read. They are still downloaded in exactly the same way.


Customised ‘error’ pages for users taking part in the online assessment

We have customised the ‘error’ pages a user sees when they access an incorrect or inactive page when taking part in the online assessment. This means that we will be able to quickly identify any problems and find a speedy resolution to suit. The different scenarios in which a user would receive an error are as follows:


  • Their link has already been used
  • The survey is no longer active

Open access

  • The open access token is full
  • The survey is no longer active
  • They have entered an incorrect link

We can now customise each of these pages so that we know exactly what issue the user has faced when they report a problem to us.


Update to benchmarking industries

We have now updated the benchmarking industries within the website to reflect the 21 SIC code sectors we use in the CRM. This means results will be more granular and relevant to you and your clients, and will provide accurate benchmarking data. Here is a list of the new industry sectors:

If you have any questions about this release, or you would like some further information, please contact