9 tips to avoid being a SAD organisation

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At the time of writing its October 2020 ‘the coronavirus year’…..and we’re all feeling it. SAD is a type of depression linked to the changing of the seasons – in fact 10-30% of those with depression will also experience SAD. The exact causes are still subject to research, but it’s likely that shorter days contribute […]

7 steps to support a culture of wellbeing

Wellbeing. Mental health. Wellness. We all want to do the right thing, but it can be hard to know where to start. How can we create a culture of wellbeing during a time when so many other areas of focus in a business are both important and urgent, and budgets aren’t necessarily where they were […]

Working from home and domestic abuse support​

the art of good enough

Working from home and domestic abuse support With the return to workplaces not looking to be imminent for many businesses, it is crucial that long term employee wellbeing is built into the plans to ensure that employees say safe and well throughout the foreseeable future.  Some people like working from home – but at Hestia, […]

Becoming the best companies | Journey to Platinum

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Journey to Companies Assessed | 10000 Standard | 56% Silver | 22% Gold | 19% Platinum | 3% Becoming the Best Companies | 3 Year Accreditations Dedicated practitioner for your organisation Online surveys and 1 to 1 interviews 12 and 24 month checkins with practitioner Accreditation is valid for 3 years Measure the effectiveness of […]

A people first approach to crisis – PwC Cyprus

Always having our people’s health and safety is a top priority, our response to the COVID-19 pandemic was immediate. Following the announcement of the first confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Cyprus and prior to the government’s lockdown, we asked all our people to stay and work from home.  Our technology infrastructure, our working practices, our […]

Organisational Development Plans – 5 things they need to have

So you’re at a stage where you think it would be good to have some structure….as well as a roadmap in place to make sure your organisation and its people are heading in the right direction. The next question is what does that plan need? SPOILER ALERT – We have a framework and accreditation for […]

Advice to give on finding a new role, after redundancy

It has been a tough old time, with wave after wave of announcements about redundancies in different industries hit by the economic impact from Covid-19. However, some businesses are scaling at a staggering rate as they meet new trends in demand. This is a time of mass displacement of talent, including some superstar performers who […]

Employee wellbeing – 8 tips for improving it today

In this article we look at ways to improve employee wellbeing. We will also discuss how investing in the wellbeing of your organisation pays dividends.  Calling upon the information found in our research and the ‘We invest in wellbeing‘ framework. This article will help you get started on your journey towards an improved wellbeing strategy, […]

Managing mental health | UK workplaces

Managing mental health | UK workplaces There has never been greater awareness of the intrinsic link between employee mental wellbeing and business productivity across the UK workforce than there is today.  Equally, there has been an evolution in our collective expectation of what employers should do to support the mental health of their workers. Beyond […]