Lumien | Covid & Wellbeing

Employee mental health and wellbeing has become a key topic for conversation throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. However, even before major workplace disruption started in 2020, reporting of stress, anxiety and mental health issues was already on the rise. According to the HSE’s 2019/20 Labour Force Survey (LFS), the number of incidents relating to mental health […]

Practitioner Reflections | Characteristics of Platinum organisations

Reflections of an Investors in People Practitioner… common characteristics found in our Platinum accredited organisations I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with and assessing several organisations that have gone on to become Platinum accredited. While all are very different in respect of size and sector I’ve concluded that they share some common […]

International Women’s Day 2021 | Intersectionality

international womens day

My name is Dayna Jagdeo  Hi, my name is Dayna Jagdeo (she/her) and I’m a Sales Executive at Investors in People. If you’re looking for an article with the stats and figures of why women aren’t breaking through glass ceilings yet, then you’ve come to the wrong place. You can just Google that.  A lot […]

Oyster Partnership | We invest in people | Gold

Oyster Partnership | We invest in people | Gold Written By Hannah Clarke, Head of People. Face masks hiding our smiles. Hand sanitiser stinging our skin and a national shortage of toilet roll. In a year unlike any other, 2020 will never be forgotten. However, 2020 will not be forgotten for very different reasons at […]

TRL | We invest in apprentices | Silver

TRL is thrilled to have been awarded Silver accreditation to the Investors in People framework ‘We invest in apprentices’. The Investors in People apprenticeship framework is designed to support the apprentice and the company in equal measure. The framework is a means of assessing how well the employer is doing at supporting its apprentices. The […]

20 reward and recognition ideas for apprentices

workplace satisfaction

20 reward and recognition ideas for apprentices The way that you reward and recognise your people for the value they bring is of key importance for levels of motivation and engagement – which in turn supercharges your peoples’ performance. But it can be tough to know what will drive these outcomes, especially as we see […]

How to invest in your apprentices

Our framework spans three areas: commitment, development and communication.  That means we want to know if the relationships at work feel collaborative, if apprentices get involved with the day-to-day of company life and how they’re supported to thrive. DOWNLOAD FRAMEWORK Commitment Commitment’s about hiring apprentices for the right reasons. And treating them right. Do you […]

Reflections of an Investors in People Practitioner during Covid-19

Investors in People practitioners are expert consultants with a passion for driving positive business outcomes through effective people management. When we work with an organisation to gain or maintain their accreditation, it’s the practitioner that analyses the outputs of the survey and spends time talking to people across the organisation, to produce an action plan […]

Is your apprenticeship scheme really that great

Best in class apprentices want best in class apprentice schemes – so is your apprenticeship scheme as good as you think it is? Greatness can be a hard thing to define. In a person we might think of charismatic leaders, athletes at the peak of their career or even YouTube vloggers. It’s all about the […]