Conscious Communications is an award-winning team committed to using public relations and marketing expertise as a force for good. We combine strategic expertise and creativity with a set of ethics and principles that make us proud and reflect our sense of social responsibility.

Our team is our greatest asset, the success of the business is down to their hard work and dedication, and we take pride in the processes and practices we have put in place to ensure we live up to our name. 

This means: our staff’s welfare and professional development are our top priorities right from the start of the recruitment process; community impact is a key part of our team’s sense of being, and we keep the team regularly updated on the company’s performance and financial results. 

We dedicate a lot of time and effort to ensuring that our ethics and principles remain the foundation of how we operate. We use six core competencies as a framework for desired staff behaviours – this ensures every one of us is accountable for our business practices.

Nostalgia: Alison Taylor, Managing Director

Our ambition has always been to do well by doing good and to influence others to do the same, and it is this mission that led us to start our Investors in People journey in 2015. 

The breadth and depth of the programme and the structure for implementation and measurement provided the perfect framework for us to build our business upon. 

We first achieved Gold accreditation in 2018, just six years after we founded the company, and then again in 2021 – these were both very proud moments for us all.

Appreciation: Zoë Scorer, Director

Our assessor, Lindsey Waters, has been a massive part of our Investors in People journey. We always look forward to our accreditation/re-accreditation visits and check-in calls as she provides indispensable insight and feedback for us. 

The thing we find most valuable about the accreditation process is taking a step back and reflecting on all of the wonderful things our team does daily that contribute to our culture. Importantly, Lindsey encourages us to consider our impact as much as possible – as a business, as a team and as individuals.

We pride ourselves on having built a ‘conscious’ business and, for us, this means that we operate to a set of values, developed jointly by the team, which underpin everything we do.

They reflect our sense of social responsibility and drive everything from our pledge to go above and beyond for our clients to our leadership in creating social change, from our commitment to developing ourselves professionally and personally to our voluntary work.

Each member of our team demonstrates our values in everything they do for Conscious Communications, and being accredited Gold by Investors in People is proof in the pudding. Lindsey agreed, she said: “You’ve nurtured a highly engaged team who are fully committed to your ambition to do well by doing good.”  

Relevancy: Sophie Baillie, PR & Marketing Director

The pandemic has meant that people and their welfare have become front of mind for so many companies, many of which have re-evaluated their HR policies to ensure a greater work/life balance and to better support people’s mental health – rightly so too. 

This makes Investors in People incredibly relevant in 2021, but it shouldn’t take the pandemic for it and everything it stands for to be viewed in this way. A company’s team – their welfare and development – should always be put first.

This has been our priority from the very beginning of Conscious Communications, and why we have continued to progress with Investors in People from Standard back in 2015 to achieving Gold (twice!) as a core part of our foundation.

Being accredited has certainly helped us attract and retain better talent over the years. Many people who approach us comment straight away on our company culture, which they can instantly get a feeling for from our website and social media channels – and that’s before they’ve even met us! 

Our company culture is hugely important to us, and our commitment to it is demonstrated by holding ourselves accountable to the Investors in People pillars.

Ambition: Alison Taylor, Managing Director

Investors in People has helped our whole team and, in particular, our management team to continually strive to be better and achieve more, helping our company meet and beat its targets. 

It has also helped us remain true to our values and ethos and ensured that we retain the right balance of commercial, pro-bono and voluntary work and that we are ‘giving back’ in a meaningful way.

With the growth in the B Corps movement, I would like to see Investors in People building on its already rigorous measures for corporate responsibility and sustainability to ensure that the Investors in People accreditation continues to be THE gold standard and that accredited organisations are delivering on the desires and aspirations of the increasingly socially and environmentally-aware and demanding workforce.

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