Does your Manager Really Care? Here’s Six Signs They Do

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Does your Manager Really Care? Here’s Six Signs They Do

A large contributing factor to job happiness is quite clearly great management. When the boss cares about you, the job is made a whole lot more enjoyable. Having a great manager goes a long way to retaining talent. Have you got a bad boss or a dream leader? Check down our list of traits and make your own mind up. Our research showed the following traits are rated most highly by employees.

1. They encourage your personal development as much as your professional development.

A manager who wants to see you succeed. Not just in the role you’re being paid for, but through your learning, development and wider skillset is a manager that genuinely cares. Whether this means providing opportunities to boost confidence levels, public speaking skills or simply cheering you on for a hobby you have, this shows they want you to be a well-rounded, happy individual.

2. They don’t tiptoe around your weaknesses

No one wants to be told they suck at something. But a manager who skirts around the issue, or makes you believe you’re making progress in areas you aren’t is just unhelpful. A boss that truly wants you to learn and improve will acknowledge the areas you need help on. Especially, without coming across as over critical – and proceed to give support.

3. They’re supportive if/when you decide you want to leave

Research* shows that great people management leads to higher staff retention rates. But great people management also involves encouraging staff to be the best they can be. This includes being open for discussion about other opportunities. When an employee leaves, the best managers are encouraging, supportive and provide a strong reference to help them in their next career move.

4. They make you feel like a valuable member of the team

Whether an employee has been at the job for 3 weeks or 3 years, a manager who cares will always make the effort to include staff in the team – and knows how to recognise if someone might be feeling excluded. Team work is essential to driving a business forward, and the best managers know this and act on it.

5. They take the time to learn about you and your quirks

Everyone is different, and everyone works differently – even when in the same environment. A sign of true respect for staff is if a manager takes the time to understand their people and learns quickly how they work. This beckons for a more open, accepting environment. It allows for staff to feel comfortable knowing they can be themselves.

6. They say thank you!

Easily forgotten and often not said enough. According to the employee sentiment poll, the one thing employees said that all managers can do to increase overall happiness, is ‘say thank you more.’ If your manager makes the effort to do this often, they’re looking out for you.

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