Easthall Park – Finalist Case Study

 You’ve been announced as a Finalist – what does that mean to you and your people? 

It’s a great honour to be recognised as a finalist in such a high category alongside other Platinum Companies.  Our people are delighted that we have been selected particularly given all that is going on at the moment with the pandemic.  Its lovely that our people and our work are recognised in these strange times.  It will also be a special way of celebrating the success of our organisation and a nice farewell to our Director who has led, supported and nurtured staff in the organisation for over 28 years as he will leave at the end of the Year  

What would you say is the stand out point in your entry? 

As an organisation we are very innovative and always looking to what the future will bring.   

Our staff and customer satisfaction levels speak for themselves.  

What stands out for us is that we do what we say, aim to be not just good but great in our delivery of service.  Whilst we have innovative plans for the next five years these are built on a solid foundation of empowering staff to develop their full potential. 

What would it mean to win? 

This would mean so much at this time as it demonstrates that our team is made up of people that really care for our community and go beyond the traditional role of a Social landlord.  It will give our organisation another boost to keep delivering the wonderful services that we have whilst continuing to recognise our most important asset which is the people that work for us.