How to invest in your apprentices

Our framework spans three areas: commitment, development and communication. 

That means we want to know if the relationships at work feel collaborative, if apprentices get involved with the day-to-day of company life and how they’re supported to thrive.


Commitment’s about hiring apprentices for the right reasons. And treating them right. Do you design recruitment and inductions around the apprentice and the programme they’re doing? Do they understand what they’ll be doing? Are they rewarded appropriately?

1. Business case Apprentices are hired for a reason, because it makes sense for the company’s values, objectives and purpose.

2. Recruitment Recruitment is tailored for apprentices. There’s a focus on widening participation and diversity in the apprentice group.

3. Induction There’s an induction process that’s designed specifically for apprentices.

4. Benefits Apprentices are given a competitive wage. They have a similar benefits package to everyone else in the organisation.


Development’s about helping apprentices become the best they can be. Are you committed to their education and learning? Do you set them stretching objectives? Are your line managers 100% on board? What are you doing to support them with their assessments?

5. Assessments Apprentices are supported and feel prepared for their assessments within the apprenticeship programme.

6. Management Apprentices are supported by a trained, engaged, and willing line-manager and/or mentor.

7. Learning There’s a commitment to the apprentice’s education and learning.

8. Objectives Apprentices are given objectives that stretch and develop them both personally and professionally.

Communication & Support

Communication & Support’s about making sure there’s a good relationship between apprentices, line managers and training providers. Is there a structured partnership? Do apprentices know their voice matters? Is their wellbeing top priority? Do you celebrate and recognise individual successes?

9. Partnerships There’s a partnership between the apprentice, the employer and the training providers – everyone knows their part and it’s working!

10. Empowerment Apprentices are empowered to give their ideas and feedback. They know their voice matters to the company.

11. Wellbeing There’s a real consideration of apprentice wellbeing, including safeguarding.

12. Celebration Apprentice’s successes are seen and they’re celebrated!

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