Living by company values | 15 ways to create them​

Written by Investors In People

Living by company values | 15 ways to create them​

Find out 15 ways to help you embrace company values.

We have developed this list, click on the plus to read the full task…

There are also lists for leading and inspiring as well as empowering teams.

Team Activity: Rewards – let your people decide

Do you like being told what you want? Of course not. Who does? So, let your people decide how to celebrate and reward their great work. Also, ask them to judge if it’s worked and tweak it if they want.

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When your team is spread across the country or the world, keeping them talking to each other can be tricky. Try these five ways to keep your remote or virtual team together and talking.

Activity: Do you show you care?

When your people are unhappy, pulling sickies or you need a revolving door because they’re not staying, then have a sit down and look at what you’re doing. Do your people feel appreciated? Are you telling them you care? Because it’s all wrapped up together.

Activity: Heroes of the Twittershpere

A handshake and a quiet ‘well done’ for good work is so last century! Celebrate your people and share the amazing things they do with the world. Get on your company Social Media and give them the star treatment they deserve.

Activity: Give your people time

Unless you own a Tardis, time is precious. That’s why it’s such a great gift. Why not give your people time back by letting them leave at 2pm one Friday a month this summer?

Activity: Let your team buy more holiday

You know the feeling – just when you’ve finally relaxed into your holiday, it’s back to work! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Be flexible about holidays and give people the chance to buy more time off so they can strike their healthy work-life balance. Check out HR Zone’s resource for how you can make it work.

Activity: Develop skills outside work

Newsflash: Your people have skills outside work – and developing them helps them do their jobs better! Help your people develop skills outside the work box and expect to get interesting benefits from ‘unexpected’ training.

Team Activity: Take up the Slack

Get your team to encourage and appreciate each other with a variety of Slack Apps. They’re a great way of bringing people together. Try a few out and see what your team likes best. Check out HeyTaco! and Disco as a start.

Meeting starter: Share one good thing

Kickstart meetings by sharing one good thing that someone at the meeting has done. It doesn’t matter how big or small – share it and celebrate it. It’ll boost your meeting and help people appreciate each other.

Template: Keep rewards simple

Tell everyone in your company how you recognise and reward great work. Keep it clear and simple so everyone knows where they stand. Write it down and let them know where they can find a copy.

Activity: To infinity and beyond!

Okay, maybe infinity’s a bit far, but when your people go that extra mile, they deserve some applause. Why not start a ‘Go the Extra Mile’ award that your people can give each other when they’ve gone above and beyond? It’ll create a buzz.

Read: Fun and games

Mary Poppins was right – find the fun and every job’s a game. Read this to get the lowdown on how other companies use games to get their people working with a smile. Who knows, maybe your company could become practically perfect in every way?

Activity: Reward your team

Fancy some pre-Christmas ice skating? Or a summer riverboat trip? There are lots of ways to get your people out of the office, relaxing and having fun. You can call it a reward for hard work, but you’ll love it too!

Read: The Power of Praise

Praise your people for a job well done. It’s simple, powerful and creates a feelgood factor. This four-step article shows you how to give praise and put it into action next time you have a conversation. Try it and see the reaction.

Activity: The healing power of duvet days

Sometimes we all need a duvet day, so why not embrace them? Make them part of annual leave so people can take them without booking in advance. Duvet days can help you banish burnout, power through pressure and say ‘adios’ to absenteeism.

Activity: Start an awards scheme

Who doesn’t like winning awards? They make you feel great. Set up an awards programme to show your people that you appreciate them and make sure everyone knows about it. It doesn’t have to be the Oscars. Simple ‘Spot Awards’ or ‘Thank You Awards’ give people the chance to salute each other’s great work.

Activity: Support voluntary work

Volunteering makes people feel good, so give your team the chance to volunteer. Even one day a year makes a big difference. And why not spread the love by supporting charities as a company? Then you can feel good, too.

Activity: Ask your people what benefits they

Rewards don’t mean the same thing to all of us. So, instead of the same old gym membership, why not check out apps like Perkbox and see if you can find something your people will really enjoy.

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