Madeba Care – Finalist Case Study

Why did you enter The Investors in People Awards 2020? 

We were informed of the nomination by our Assessor Gordon Stopani, who informed us via email. As a small family owned company, we were all delighted to have been nominated and then to learn that we had been shortlisted in our class as a Finalist. 

Investing in our People is something that we value very much, especially as a small company, we like to value each individuality, what people bring to us in differing skills and their own cultural values, which adds to the care and compassion within their delivery of service to the very vulnerable people we serve.  

Therefore, we ensure that what we do and how much the people who form the company contribute is recognised by the wider business community and the care profession as a whole. 

You have been announced as a Finalist – what does that mean to you and your people? 

All our People were delighted and appreciative of the recognition as a finalist, which has now given us the ability to shout out loud to all who we work with, for and contract to, that we are a good employer and invest in all within the company.  

We are hopeful that we will be able to instil confidence in future organisations, stakeholders and customers that we are a worthwhile investment for the future by having Investors in People accreditation, together with longevity of service, sound values and staff that will always go the extra mile, who are recognised by the company for their commitment, competency, passion and integrity. 

What would you say is the stand out point in your entry? 

As a small family owned company we have maintained, enhanced and moved forward within the care profession, by extending the service provision to a wider community within differing age groups, using the skills of our existing staff and recruiting others who are all dedicated to ensuring the stability and growth of the company for the benefit of all involved.  

Our Mission Statement based on family values of respect, kindness, care and support for all, is key to what we do within Madeba Care 

The Values come naturally to everyone within all we do, staff have worked together with the company during lockdown and throughout the pandemic, providing extra care and attention to serving the Individuals with Care and Support Needs, and ensuring that everyone remains safe and well, this has resulted in thus far, not having an outbreak of Covid-19 within the company for which we are all appreciative. 

What would it mean to win? 

The achievement of being nominated is more than could have been expected and is an accolade that will not be forgotten.   

To win would be the culmination of fifteen years of hard work on behalf of the retiring manager, who has always believed we are a company that IS the people, who values the people and could not do what we do without the competent, considerate, kind and compassionate people who deliver the service to Vulnerable Adults. 

It would strengthen our good reputation and status of the company within the Care Profession, to gain and maintain further contracts within a competitive market. 

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