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Demonstrating the benefits of an apprenticeship scheme

Hiring an apprentice is an investment in the future of your organisation, and one of the most important things you’ll need to do early on is get buy-in from all of your people. With so many different audiences, some of whom may need more convincing than others, where do you start? This guide aims to help you identify the needs of your different audiences, develop tailored arguments about the benefits of having an apprentice, and promote the positive impact of your apprenticeship scheme.

Employee engagement improvement plan

In simple terms, employee engagement is the emotional commitment that an employee has to their employer and their business goals. In parallel with this, employee

Five financial wellbeing mistakes to avoid

In the bigger scheme of workplace improvement and employee support, financial wellness programs are easy to implement – most employers already offer some type of

The Wellbeing Calculator

Measure the Impact of Employee Wellbeing on your Organisation Maintaining a healthy team is not only an ethical priority for organisations but has also been

Hybrid Working | Starting Your Journey

WE INVEST IN PEOPLE | 3 YEAR workplace ACCREDITATION Start your hybrid workplace accreditation journey with We invest in people Investors in People assess how

The Hybrid Working Calculator

Measure the Impact of Your Hybrid Workforce This month we will be exploring some of the critical building blocks of designing and managing a hybrid



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14th Nov 2023 | Old Billingsgate, London

Have you heard about our Make Work Better conference?

We’re bringing together some of the leading lights in the HR industry to discuss the Future of Work, Health and Wellbeing, Apprenticeships and more.

The Make Work Better conference

20 Sept 2023 | The Mermaid, London


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