How to invest in your apprentices

Our framework spans three areas: commitment, development and communication.  That means we want to know if the relationships at work feel collaborative, if apprentices get involved with the day-to-day of company life and how they’re supported to thrive. DOWNLOAD FRAMEWORK Commitment Commitment’s about hiring apprentices for the right reasons. And treating them right. Do you […]

Is your apprenticeship scheme really that great

Best in class apprentices want best in class apprentice schemes – so is your apprenticeship scheme as good as you think it is? Greatness can be a hard thing to define. In a person we might think of charismatic leaders, athletes at the peak of their career or even YouTube vloggers. It’s all about the […]

Creating apprenticeships during a global pandemic

We’ve recently teamed up with the London Progression Collaboration to bring you a series of content and webinars on the topic of apprenticeships. Our first piece is from their Director, Anna Ambrose… Like so many, the onset of Covid-19 made the London Progression Collaboration (LPC) question ourselves. It felt as though the bedrock gave way […]

Generational Working: the hidden positive benefits

Generational Working: the hidden positive benefits Nowadays, it’s not unusual for organisations to employ five generations. People are retiring later and later and we are now seeing Gen Z to baby boomers in the same workplace. Organisations can use multi-generational working to their advantage as it brings huge opportunities, such as improved innovation. In this […]

Apprenticeships: what do young people really think about it?

What do young people really think about apprenticeships? We’ve talked before about the apprenticeship ‘image problem’ that, thankfully, is starting to disappear. Apprenticeships have a huge amount to offer. The more we do to help young people see them as relevant, the quicker the image problem will go away. To do this, we need to […]

Performance management appraisals: alternatives for the 21st century

Performance management appraisals: alternatives for the 21st century There’s been so many examples of organisations kicking appraisals to the curb that you’d think there’s been some sort of revolution going on. Many companies, have simply scrapped annual appraisals. When the media reports they’ve ‘killed’ them, they haven’t, just replaced them with something that feels quite different. […]