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3 Steps To Create Purpose for your Team

Published 15th November 2016 by Thomas Bale
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How do you create Purpose?

First and foremost, for any organisation, you need to create a clear sense of Purpose. What are we about? Why is it important? What makes us different? Every winning team is absolutely clear in their answer to these questions. It’s a uniting sense of purpose that drives employee engagement and success. Perhaps easy to say but harder to do. We believe there are three steps that are the foundation for clear purpose and direction:

Build a solid internal brand

Your people are the heart of your organisation and consequently should be fully informed and educated about your internal brand. Bring this in line with your HR practices and your internal communications, so your people learn to live and breathe your organisational ambition.

Communicate the vision

Having a clear vision is essential - sharing the vision is key. Leaders at all levels should take responsibility for embedding the organisation's purpose and vision, whilst encouraging feedback on how this is communicated. For improved capability and engagement, help every team - and employee - understand their contribution and how their work impacts on the business' ambition. It is the leader’s job to build an employee's connection with the vision which will drive them to do great things.

Start with your values

Successfully adopt a set of organisational values to communicate, guide and reward behaviour in line with performance. People will be inspired if they experience total harmony between what their employer and managers are saying and what they can see them doing day-to-day. Values need to be shared by everyone, so getting them right is key.  Why not try: making sure you find ways to check your values are embedded?