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3 Tips to Improve How You Lead

Published 6th December 2016 by Melissa Farrington
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Modern leadership is about responding to the people you work with so that everyone benefits.

Focus your leadership development on authenticity, encouragement and empowerment and see the improvements in employee performance follow.

From globalisation to the technological advances, the way we work is changing, with attitudes toward leadership changing alongside. Successful business leaders are cultivating leadership styles that work within today’s modern workplaces.

Explore our leadership tips to help you develop the talents of tomorrow’s workforce.


Be an authentic leader

By 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be part of the ‘millennial generation’. This generation has been at the forefront of a shift in values and perceptions about work that demands leaders have a sense of purpose and authenticity.

Being authentic increasingly means doing what you’re good at and knowing when to let go. Richard Branson claims the key to his success is surrounding himself with people that have skills he doesn’t have and trusting them to run with it. Acknowledge if your team members are better at something than you are, be honest about requirements and delegate tasks across your team. Your employees will respect your trust in them and at the same time, they have the opportunity to step up, be challenged and realise their potential.


Showcase and encourage the talents of others

“My company is here to serve the employee, not the other way around,” says Patrick Tame, founder of headhunting organisation Beringer Tame. “It’s my role to identify three things staff are doing each week and then publicise the hell out of it.”

It’s all about encouraging your team to keep reaching higher. Support them to do their best work, create the conditions for their success and then focus your energies on sharing their achievements. Putting yourself out of the picture and showcasing how your team is excelling not only improves their confidence, but reflects well on you and your leadership style.


Abandon hierarchy like Zappos

Putting staff empowerment at the front and centre, American brand Zappos has shifted away from hierarchy to ‘holacracy’.

Holacracy is about everyone being accountable and working together. Job titles and traditional leadership models are replaced with an approach where staff members contribute to projects on a skills basis. Leaders in a holacracy are direction-setters, rather than task-setters, which encourages open lines of communication and team-wide transparency.

It takes organisational commitment and buy-in at every level to make holacracy work, but crack it and you’ll increase employee engagement, productivity and performance.