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Two-way communication

Keep listening to your employees, act on their feedback and involve them in your decision making to build a strong and successful team.

Listening to your employees at every step will help your business thrive. It’s crucial you involve people consistently and regularly to review and improve your communications and nurture a culture of trust and respect.

To ensure individuals, teams and the whole organisation can meet your business objectives, it’s important that everyone is linked through clear communication channels. The way you communicate should be clear and jargon-free.

Maintain a two-way flow of information by:

  • Regularly including employees in decision making – both within their own role and the wider organisation
  • Giving each member of staff responsibility for their own role and agreeing what is required of them
  • Giving staff ownership of their role by involving them in agreeing job descriptions and role profiles
  • Providing managers with the tools and the time to give regular feedback and reviews, using them to shape effective team meetings and performance appraisals