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8 dos and 6 don’ts for successful meetings

Depending on who you listen to the average office worker can spend anywhere between 37% and 59% of their working lives in meetings. 

We all know the feeling of that sudden announcement when the boss needs to have a ‘catch-up’ over the latest sales figures… for a solid day, with no agenda or even purpose.  It can cause even the best of us to question our sanity.

It should not be like this however.  Meetings should not be dreaded or accepted as a necessary evil.  They should be enabling forums that help to drive the business forward.

The late management guru Peter Drucker described meetings as “people holding different jobs cooperating to get a specific task done.  We meet because the knowledge and experience needed in a specific situation are not available in one head, but have to be pieced together out of the knowledge and experience of several people.”

With that in mind we thought it would be pertinent to examine what actually should be incorporated into a successful meeting, and what should really be left back in the office.