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Engaging with Investors in People in Derby

Investors in People accredited organisations are more profitable, sustainable and optimistic about the future. Understanding performance drives success. Making the right investments in your people is the smart choice.

3 Tips to Improve How You Lead

Modern leadership is about responding to the people you work with so that everyone benefits.

Focus your leadership development on authenticity, encouragement and empowerment and see the improvements in employee performance follow.

From globalisation to the technological advances, the way we work is changing, with attitudes toward leadership changing alongside. Successful business leaders are cultivating leadership styles that work within today’s modern workplaces.

Explore our leadership tips to help you develop the talents of tomorrow’s workforce.

7 Tips for a Healthier Work-life Balance

High performing organisations are helping their teams strike the right balance between priorities inside and outside of work – so how can you do the same?

In today’s 24/7 society, the struggle to juggle professional and personal priorities is taking its toll on employee wellbeing. From irritability and tiredness, to stress and depression, The Mental Health Foundation has been quick to highlight the negative impacts of no ‘time-out’.

Introduction to Investors in People, Brighouse

The session in summary:

Introduction to Investors in People is a practical workshop designed to help you explore IIP and what it means for your organisation, utilising interactive exercises to help you ascertain where you are against the Standard and how to identify areas that require development.

The Power of Employee Autonomy

Giving your employees more control over how they do things can make a huge difference to employee performance, productivity and commitment. So how do you do it?


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