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Troup Bywaters & Anders

For Troup Bywaters and Anders, people are their most important asset. The health and wellbeing of employees is fundamental to what they want to achieve - and health and wellbeing is not just about buying fruit for the office or offering a free gym membership. It's about providing a working environment in which people can flourish, progress and build the experience needed for a great career.  


Trac Services UK

'I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend IIP 6 to any organisation whether they have IIP or not. The value to your organisation in terms of developing an action plan to achieve your company’s objectives cannot be underestimated.'

- Sarah Trethowan, Operations Director

First Protocol Event Management Ltd

Discover how working with the IIP Standard has helped First Protocol demonstrate to clients, as well as employees that they are committed to continuous growth, employee engagement and being the best theycan be in their industry.


"Reaching IIP Gold has instilled confidence and drive to be an even better employer!" - Mark Riches, Managing Director


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