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83% of women think gender discrimination exists in the workplace

•    8 in 10 of women (83%) in full time employment believe gender discrimination is still present in the workplace.
•    Almost half of women (45%) think they have personally experienced discrimination in the workplace because of their gender.
•    The good news is that statistics have dropped by 5% since our poll in 2015, although it is clear there is still a long way to go. 

Creating Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces

'83% of women think gender discrimination exists at work.'

 Findings in this report highlight key areas for focus when it comes to moving towards gender equality in the workplace.

Troup Bywaters & Anders

For Troup Bywaters and Anders, people are their most important asset. The health and wellbeing of employees is fundamental to what they want to achieve - and health and wellbeing is not just about buying fruit for the office or offering a free gym membership. It's about providing a working environment in which people can flourish, progress and build the experience needed for a great career.  


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