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Alvesta Kommun Care Department

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The Care department is part of the Welfare Board in the Alvesta municipality. With 670 employees, one of the goals set up by the Board, as part of the strategy to reach the organisation's vision, is for the department to be accredited by Investors in People.

Currently accredited at Gold, the Care department look to IIP as an instrument for continuous development and evaluation. One of the Care department's main strategies is to be a learning organisation and Investors in People has helped to create a leadership and management structure that encourages development across all levels of the organisation. Reflecting over the what, why and how has become an essential part of the organisational culture.

"We are very proud of what we have achieved together. With the help from IIP we will continue to develop our three main strategies: a client-focused organisational culture, a learning organisation and a demand driven economy, in order to reach our vision."

- Anneli Harnegård, Care manager

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