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Dove Adolescent Services

Published 21st February 2014 by IIP North of England

Dove Adolescent Services runs 10 small children’s homes based in South and West Yorkshire, caring for 26 young people who have been placed into care by local authorities. 

After looking into several quality assurance accreditations, the organisation decided to approach Investors in People and first achieved accreditation in 1999. The organisation has over 70 team members. 

As a fairly new company, Dove Adolescent Care first approached IIP as a way to build and develop their organisation with a focus on people. 

Since then, assessments have been particularly insightful and rewarding - pulling together and highlighting strengths within the business as well as exploring where improvement can be achieved. 

Since beginning their Investors in People journey, Dove Adolescent Care has seen a positive impact in areas such as leadership, management and business approach.  

Investors in People challenges the practices that need to be challenged and offers alternatives and ideas for development