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Across the IIP Community, Businesses Pledge to Talk Mental Health

Published 31st January 2018 by Charlotte Smith

Investors in People CEO Paul Devoy signed Time to Change’s Employer Pledge in October this year, to show IIP’s commitment to both supporting those affected by mental health, and raising awareness of it within IIP’s team and the wider community. We at Investors in People feel that mental health must be treated with the same regard as, say a broken bone would be. Just because you cannot always see a mental health condition, it does not mean it is any less debilitating.

During the Time to Change pledge process, Paul outlined why he felt it was so important to take a visible stance on mental health, stating that: “At its core, health transcends headaches and colds and physical conditions. It combines psychological, physical and social wellbeing as integral, equal strands contributing to who we all are as people.”

Time to Talk Day 2018

As we head toward Time to Talk day on February 1st, we thought it would be worthwhile to promote the fantastic work of IIP accredited organisations who have been working hard to lead and support the mental health initiatives within their workplaces as part of Time to Change's Employer Pledge.

The Prince’s Trust, is an organisation leading the way in caring for the mental health and prospects of young people. This dedication to supporting mental health is also evidenced in the way they approach the mental health of their staff, ensuring that every team member has “the confidence, willingness, and ability to respond to the mental health needs of those around them”. In this way, the organisation is able to maintain a consistently open approach to dealing with the mental health concerns of employees.

Similarly impressive is the approach taken by PwC to caring for employee mental health. In their employer pledge, the emphasis is on creating the right environment to help people feel comfortable in discussing their mental health. Of their involvement with Time to Change, PwC say: “Helping our people take care of themselves, and providing first rate support if they need it, is all part of what it means to work at PwC.  Critical to this is building the capability and motivation to have open and honest conversations about what our people are feeling, thinking and worrying about.”

Developing a Scheme that Works for You

Reviewing the strategies designed and implemented by IIP accredited organisations to coincide with Time to Change reveals how important it is that organisations develop schemes that work for them. Indeed, the chain of communication outlined in Pearson’s plans, involving Advocates, Line Managers and Mental Health First Aiders clearly matches the internal organisation of the business, just as Amey’s strategy emphasised good communication.

It is vital that businesses plan and develop mental health policies that fit their people, rather than attempting to find a one-size-fits-all model. Mental health affects everyone differently, therefore we must all show respect for the fact that the support they need might differ on a person-by-person basis.