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JPCS maintain the highways and byways of the UK, working with local authorities and maintenance contractors to save and strengthan tarmac. For JPCS, IIP offered  a tried and tested framework for good practice, gaining feedback and an objective perspective to support future success. With IIP, JPCS were able to develop their culture, creating a foundation for professional leadership, people, plans and results.  
For over 50 years, Belfast- based Colorite Europe has been a leading producer of the finest quality polymers for medical and industrial use.  Read here how Colorite successfully embarked on using the new revised sixth generation IIP framework as a leadership and performance management tool.    
Discover how working with the IIP Standard has helped Gwynedd Council to empower their people to deliver a great service. You can view their case study in a number of ways. Watch it in Welsh here or English here; or read it by clicking the download here button above.
Boo Coaching & Consulting provide executive coaching and leadership development services through a network of associates, specialists and executive coaches.  The organisation looked to IIP to help achieve the best possible business practices and structure for the organisation, whilst appreciating the company's uniqueness and people-centred values.  "We wanted to be a people-centric organisation - investing, encouraging and developing our staff and associates to help support the business."
The Red Carnation Hotels are a family-run, boutique hotel business in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA. They have been IIP Gold accredited for 10 years.  Achieving IIP has given them structure in how they get the best out of their most important asset, their people.  It has also helped them ensure they are getting the right people through the right training courses and the right learning and development.  You can watch the video case study free, by signing in to your account.
Currency UK are a leading foreign exchange and payment provider. The IIP process has significantly increased staff engagement, and they believe that an estimated 5% of the 44% organic growth they have seen in the last financial year is attributable to their accreditation with IIP. "Investors in People is an essential accreditation for any organisation wishing to grow their business, no matter the size; great and happy employees are at the heart of any successful company." Paul CrimpManaging Director  
Regard has always been proud of the high calibre work force that it employs and fully acknowledges that their people are their greatest asset. Regard’s continued investment in its highly skilled and trained workforce has contributed to their position as a market sector leader. 
SteppingStones are always looking for ways to outperform in their industry and they wanted to benchmark themselves on a global basis. Investing in their people is not a question, but it is an absolute necessity. The Stepping Stones culture is all about continual improvement and continual development. ‘One of the main things we learnt from Investors in People was that everything we do, we need to measure it – you can invest a lot of money in training and development but unless you measure it you really have no idea or understanding of the value.’
As the first hotel in Abu Dhabi to achieve IIP accreditation, establishing a culture of excellence & quality within the hotel was a high priority for the hotel's senior team. “When identifying and establishing areas requiring improvement and planning rectification, we realized that IIP would be a great mechanism to drive positive change as well a platform to further educate our people & develop their thought process .”
For Troup Bywaters and Anders, people are their most important asset. The health and wellbeing of employees is fundamental to what they want to achieve - and health and wellbeing is not just about buying fruit for the office or offering a free gym membership. It's about providing a working environment in which people can flourish, progress and build the experience needed for a great career.