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Employee Survey Header
Employee surveys have become an essential tool for driving engagement and performance. So what are the lessons learnt so far?
It takes a high performing organisation to achieve the very top award level; with less than 1% of UK businesses reaching Platinum. But what do all the 15,000 accredited organisations have in common? How to achieve IIP:
Strategic alignment is a process of ensuring all aspects of your organisation are aligned with realisation of strategy. It's the process and the result of linking a teams resources and structure with its strategy and business environment. Read about how Investors in People improves strategic alignment.
What is a People Management Standard? How can a People Management Standard be used to improve performance? Explore this simple 5 minute guide to Investors in People and the Benefits of using Standards.
People Performance Download
Increase people performance - explore the insights and strategic guidance provided in an Investors in People Assessment Report. Understand the data visualisations organisations undertaking assessment receive.
Why do we need to benchmark performance? And how can a standard provide direction for continuous improvement? Download this resource to understand the Benefits of Standards.
Measure your performance against Investors in People
Benchmark your organisations against the Investors in People Standard for people management.
See how the Investors In People Health & Wellbeing Award helps organisations improve approaches to tackling areas that are negatively affecting employees
This document outlines the overlap between Dr Andre de Waal's work on high performing organisations and the Investors in People Standard. Dr Andre de Waal was the key academic used to create the sixth generation Standard. You can view videos of him from the Investors in People launch conference on YouTube.
The Investors in People Standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people for sustained success. This resource covers an overview of the Standard and accreditation levels An in-depth look at an indicator of the Framework What’s involved in the assessment process.