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Benchmark Your Performance Against the Standard

Published 22nd September 2016 by Thomas Bale

Understand how your management practices compare against the standard for people management.

We've developed a simple free online tool to explore how well your people are led, managed and supported. See how you compare, find new opportunities to improve and understand where you sit against the nine indicators of the IIP Standard. You can get your downloadable results in three, easy steps...

1. Leave a few details

Register to take the self-assessment, view your results dashboard and return whenever you'd like to. It'll only take a minute! Start now.

2. Take 10 minutes

Complete your self-assessment. We'll guide you through the different levels of the IIP Standard and measure how you compare against the nine indicators. Start now. 

3. Explore your results

View your results dashboard for an in-depth look at how you measure up. We'll visualise your organisation's strengths and highlight areas for improvement. Start now.