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What is a Standard? [5 minutes]

Published 27th September 2016 by Thomas Bale
What is a Standard?

Understanding the Benefits of HR Standards [5 minute guide]

A standard is an established way of doing something. Standards capture knowledge, effective practices and latest thinking drawn from industry experts. Standards can be a very effective way to quickly improve practices, measure and benchmark performance, and gain accreditation to demonstrate excellence in a particular field or industry.

For example, research shows that 60% of Investors in People accredited organisations predict business growth, compared to the UK business average of 47%1 demonstrating, the difference excellence makes to performance.  Read more about how the sixth generation Standard was developed. 

What is an HR Standard?

What are the benfits of HR Standards and frameworks?

Organisations of all sizes use standards to underpin their approaches to people management in order to maximise results. They provide:

  • Knowledge. People management standards offer leading knowledge and provide a structure for better people practices.
  • Focus. An assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses, bringing sharp focus to the areas that really matter. The Investors in People assessment process is based on direct feedback from your employees. It’s a thorough analysis of whether your people practices are working and where there is further potential for development.
  • Benchmarking. Standards are developed in partnership with world leading organisations. Assessment against the IIP Standard gives your organisation a clear benchmark for performance in relation to your industry peers.

If you're ready to learn more about the benefit of Standards download our short introduction.

Investors in People is a High Performance Standard

It was developed by researching the question "Why are some organisations better at everything?"

We explored the features of the very best businesses when we developed the sixth generation Investors in People Standard. We discovered that it was the way they some organisations managed employees that made the biggest difference to performance; we discovered that people were key to achieving Outperformance in any sector. How was the Investors in People Standard developed?

  • Following 18 months of research, observation and in depth consultation, the IIP Standard captures a huge amount of learning and sets out the criteria for high performance through people.
  • Assessment, using the unique performance model, provides a simple framework to benchmark the effectiveness of leadership and management practices in any organisation and start on your own journey to high performance.
  • The insights assessment report provides a detailed overview of strengths, areas for improvement, and an action plan; all benchmarked against the very best organisations in your sector. The world recognised accreditation is the best way to celebrate your success and demonstrate your commitment. 

Learn more about the underpinnings of the Investors in People Standard

These pages introduce the concept of Outperformance from the perspective of Purpose, Leadership and Creativity. Explore the pages to download resources and watch videos.

  1. You’ll find them everywhere from food and fashion to education and the arts. Outperformers are organisations that do better by every measure – from innovation and financial results to customer and employee satisfaction. Explore the Outperformance landing page
  2. Our research shows that in an Outperforming organisation, everybody is clear about their purpose. They know exactly what customer, community or social need the organistation serves. And they’re proud to be part of its success. Explore more information about Purpose 
  3. Leadership doesn’t have anything to do with job titles or an individual’s place on an organisational chart. It’s an attitude of mind. What good leaders have in common is that they can identify a goal and motivate other people to work towards it. Explore the Leadership microsite
  4. Every business has to be creative. Because every business has problems to solve. But how do you create an environment where finding new solutions and developing new ideas with the help of others become second nature? Explore the Creativity microsite