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Bring your people into the management process

1. Remember that Great Ideas are Everywhere

People will be more focused, committed and productive if they believe in their manager's ability to support, lead and develop them. One of the best ways to achieve this is to encourage managers to involve their teams in key decisions and processes.

2. Share the load

Actively encourage delegating. By showing their teams that they trust them to take more on, managers can boost engagement and motivation. Free up more time from their own duties to help them stay in tune with their teams. Get everyone to agree to clear team objectives, and hold regular team meetings to discuss progress updates and any emerging issues.

Essentially, managers should recognise that the whole thing is a dialogue. Ask people what they think, not only of the organisation and their own progress within it, but also how they think the management is doing too.

3. Recognise potential

With everyone involved, you're tapping into a far deeper pool of potential input – and from a wider cross section of the business. As team members may be more customer-facing than their managers, their insights can prove invaluable.

There’s also a direct link between employee engagement and longevity – if keeping your talent involved leads to keeping them engaged, it’ll also mean you keep them longer.

A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say. Greater involvement may also be hugely beneficial in terms of reducing stress – both for you, as you find your burden being shared, and your people. The result? A potential surge in productivity.