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Can technology change the way you lead?

Published 27th August 2014

If you want to lead the way in empowering your people, getting tech savvy could be the way to go…

The way we work is changing. From remote working and flexi-time to international teams, the landscape of the modern workplace is in constant flux. Which means leadership today comes with a new set of challenges.  The principles of great leadership still hinge on empowering your people, but in today’s business world, making sure teams feel engaged and connected calls for a new set of tools. From social networks to smart phones and e-learning, effectively harnessing the power and potential of technology is becoming increasingly important.

That doesn’t mean we all need to become IT professionals overnight. But having a finger on the pulse of digital innovation and understanding its implications for the way we do business is a valuable part of being a true modern leader.

Opening up dialogue

Communication is key to better leadership and when you’re trying to mobilise disparate teams, connect in a way your employees understand, or get answers quickly, social media can help. As Gatwick Airport discovered.

With a large proportion of non-desk-based staff, the UK’s second busiest airport needed to find a way of including and motivating its team that was fit for purpose. Yammer, a Facebook-style social media network designed specifically for internal business communications provided the solution.

With a forum where all employees could be part of an ongoing conversation, introducing Yammer enabled Gatwick Airport staff to quickly and easily join discussions on Chief Operational Officer updates, have conversations about company-wide topics affecting the business, or share stories of employee successes – wherever they were.