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Don't work smarter, work harder. Setting engaging goals for your people.

We’ve all learnt that objectives need to be SMART – but when was the last time you got really excited about a specific objective? Success is dependent on really engaging and inspiring people to achieve – setting measurable goals simply isn’t enough.  It's time to think.  Hard.

Try making the goals you set SMART and HARD by tapping into an individual’s motivations:

  • Heartfelt: Increase the motivational power - what do you really want them to achieve?


  • Animated: Create a picture of success, communicate a vision and bring it to life.


  • Required: There is nothing less motivating than working towards an unnecessary goal. It’s a manager’s job to ensure that objectives are always set around things the organisation really needs to achieve.
  • Difficult: A stretching goal, properly set, can be a great motivator. Pitched correctly for each person, this creates a drive to succeed and improve.