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From surviving to thriving - how to challenge the challenges

Improving results, whether turnover, efficiencies, customer satisfaction or profitability is never far from most organisation’s agendas. But against a backdrop of uncertainties, it can certainly be challenging. 

Increasing your organisation’s resilience to such challenges can be the difference between sink and swim – and not just surviving, but going on to thrive. 

Anticipate the challenges

You don’t know what’s around the corner. The trick is to anticipate what might be there, work to prevent it if is potentially detrimental or work with it to seize the opportunities that the change could bring about. You could even create your own change and spark innovation as a result. 

It’s how you work with a situation or opportunity that will help you improve results – how prepared you are and how you approach it that will determine how resilient your organisation really is.

One thing that you can be certain of in today’s world is that things never stay the same for too long and whether its external or internal environmental factors, or even business or personal circumstances that present themselves, we all need to be in the best possible shape to deal with these changes and achieve the improved results and success we are aiming for. 

Your people play a key part in how ready your organisation to adapt and change – here are our top tips for increasing your organisation’s resilience.

Top Tips for Increasing Resilience

  • Involve and engage your workforce to ensure that employee expectations are clear and everyone understands where they fit in with the organisation and its road to success. Make sure that they have the appropriate skills and knowledge to deal with the demands they face
  • Health and wellbeing, including stress, security and morale, are elements that can make or break organisational resilience to both internal and external factors. The way people are managed and supported is therefore crucial so look at developing your Leaders and Managers to ensure they accept responsibility for creating a healthy and resilient workforce
  • Foster collaboration between managers and employees, to develop problem-solving and a shared vision of success. This will help to highlight potential areas for development and also opportunities for best practice
  • Take time to really explore what your organisation wants to achieve and what the ‘best’ would look like for you. Delve as deep as you can, hold the mirror up and be prepared for feedback – using it to build a positive movement for change and more resilience from within
  • Prevention is better than cure – look into all of the real and potential risks that may be facing your organisation and explore how to prevent and (just in case), how to react to them. Business continuity and data control are key factors to consider