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Working in education? IIP can help your team to the top of the class

“At a time where education seems to be in a constant state of flux, where demands on schools to perform have never been greater and where the threat of Ofsted inspections loom – professional help is at hand.” The Times Business Insight (North of England)

With the revised Ofsted framework being more demanding of governance, leadership and management, schools require a clear strategy to develop capacity.

What can the IIP Framework do to help?

The Investors in People framework encourages high performance through effective people management. To meet the Standard, organisations are required to evidence the ‘outcome requirements’ quoted within 10 key areas (or indicators). A cross-section of all staff within the organisation are then expected to understand and quote the processes in place to highlight the ‘embeddedness’ of the IIP approach.

So how can the framework link to the demands of working in education?

  • Inclusion Strategies for school's improvement are bought in and understood by everyone, from the head teacher to the facilities staff
  • Setting a vision Vision and values are embedded and maintained to create an ethos where there are high expectations of everyone
  • Tracking performance Performance data is understood by everyone for continuous improvement
  • Clear management capabilities Leaders at every level understand their role and are effective in promoting, monitoring and managing performance
  • Effective management styles Senior leadership teams inspire and motivate others to perform to the best of their abilities
  • Valuing people Staff feel encouraged and appreciated by being rewarded and recognised for their contributions
  • Meeting people’s needs Appraisal and professional development activities are appropriate for the individual whilst also being aligned with school improvement

“All in this together”

The Times Business Insight (North of England) describe the ‘all in this together IIP philosophy’ – explaining that everyone, from the Headteacher to the lunchtime supervisor, has a role to play to ensure the school team is the best it can be. Practitioner Bob Morrison explains: “for everyone in a school or college, whatever their role, it’s a matter of understanding the part they play”.

It is clear that the best schools are those that have a clear strategy for maintaining a culture of high standards that integrates leadership, people and performance. Investors in People has a powerful impact on a school working environment and as the numbers show, a lot of schools across the UK tend to agree. There are over 1550 accredited schools throughout the UK ranging from pre-primary to secondary. With 128 of these schools going the extra mile by achieving the Bronze status, 98 attaining Silver and a further 171 accomplishing the IIP Gold status clearly there are measurable benefits in valuing people in education.

Take this further:

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