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Onboarding new hires
Making staff feel welcome is such an important part of onboarding as it helps secure a strong relationship with your new employees and improves their time-to-effectiveness. We've come up with 7 key ways to make staff feel welcome - take action today.
Giving praise at work
Giving praise in the workplace: it's something all managers should probably do more, but it can be hard to feel like we're doing it in a natural and organic way. This framework will help give you the confidence and skills you need to make it part of your daily working life.
Investors in People are delighted to have announced two new board appointments in the last month. Following former Chair Valerie Todd CBE’s decision to step down upon completion of the Crossrail project, IIP held a rigorous interview process for her successor, leading to the appointment of Ian Deninson, Group HR and Communications Director at Amey.
Physical activity - person's legs
It's really important to focus on physical quotient - also known as physical intelligence - if you want to really ramp up your effectiveness at work. Do you know what it is? And why it can make you a better leader? Read our article today to find out more.
Line of business books
Want to ramp your leadership skills? We've put together a broad mix of leadership books, from classics that build your influencing skills to books on discovering purpose. Take a look and see what's most appropriate for you - or read them all and seriously improve your leadership abilities.
Collaboration with the HR department
The HR function can increase its strategic impact and improve organisational performance through key partnerships with other business functions, including procurement, finance and IT. But how and why? We give you the lowdown.
Mental wellbeing and resilience to change
Change can massively impact mental wellbeing, especially if it leads to uncertainty. Whether it's personal change or organisational change, HR's role is to help employees better deal with uncertainty so that their wellbeing and productivity doesn't suffer. Find out what to do here.
In support of World Mental Health Week, Investors in People is proud to announce the publication of its first ever Managing Mental Health in the Workplace report for 2018. Following a survey of 1000 full-time and 1000 part-time employees, IIP collated an eye-opening series of statistics which prove the extent to which mental wellbeing is becoming increasingly important to employees across industry, region and gender.
We’ve talked before about the apprenticeship ‘image problem’ that, thankfully, is starting to disappear.Apprenticeships have a huge amount to offer and the more we do to help young people see apprenticeships as relevant, the quicker the image problem will go away.To do this, we need to understand what they think of them. In 2017, Investors in People conducted research into how young people perceive apprenticeships to find out just that.
Line managers building trust
Trust is a massively important component of the psychological contract at work: without trust, wellbeing, productivity and motivation suffer. Line managers have a role to play in building trust with every single employee. What behaviours truly make a difference? Find out in our latest article.